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This unique Individual Care Program is designed to provide security, health, individuality, peace of mind, and companionship through our Positive Interactions.

The primary goal of the
Individual Care Program is to develop quality care for residents with special needs. The program focuses on giving family members and caregivers the tools to create opportunities for people with cognitive impairment to be successful in their activities and their interactions with other people. Our Program looks at a person with special needs as a whole person with multiple needs and many personal resources instead of as a one-dimensional, confused person with a particular memory-based problem that needs to be addressed.

Because the interactions are planned and guided, the
Individual Care Program provides quality time in the lives of the individuals and encourages their participation in many activities, which will provide them with the emotionally nourishing sense of being capable and alive. The purpose of the program is to achieve good quality interpersonal interactions because the person with cognitive impairment is dependent on successful interactions in order to meet their daily living needs.

As always, we encourage family members to come meet our hand picked Team of skilled, caring professionals and experience, first-hand, our dedication and commitment to providing the best care possible for their loved ones.
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